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100 Series 2UZ-FE Heater Tee Hose Kit

100 Series 2UZ-FE Heater Tee Hose Kit

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OEM or metal heater tees available

A common point of failure on the 100 Series Land Cruiser and Lexus LX470, the heater tees can be upgraded to a metal design for added reliability. Replacing the hoses at the same time is a regular 'while you're in there' maintenance item.


  • Hose, water - white, LH (1x): 87245-6A180
  • Hose, water - blue, LH (1x): 87245-6A190
  • HVAC heater hose, rear - LH (1x): 99556-20155
  • Hose, water - orange, RH (1x): 87245-6A220
  • Hose, water - red, RH (1x): 87245-6A210
  • HVAC heater hose - RH (1x): 87245-6A800
  • Hose clamp (8x): 96134-42100
  • Clip (4x): 90467-19022
  • OEM heater tees (2x): 87248-60460*
  • OR
  • Autotecnica metal heater tees (2x): TY0617365-PRM*

*see also: 2UZ-FE Metal Heater Tee upgrade kit

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Customer Reviews

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Kenneth Dodds
Customer service at its best!

Not only did Cruiser Patch have the complete kit I needed, he was able to adjust my order slightly to accommodate my needs.

His level of communication and speed to order, was great. And with genuine Toyota parts at a fair price, you can’t go wrong. Between saving a few bucks with aftermarket components verses factory parts. Go with factory. Thanks Patch.

Thanks for your patience and for the review! Always happy to work with customers' individual needs