About Cruiser Patch

A wealth of knowledge and resources for the DIYers of this world, Cruiser Patch was founded on the idea that anyone can pick up a wrench and fix something broken.

We believe in restoring old relics rather than buying new products. Excellence, reliability, and sustainability are the leading drivers of Cruiser Patch products.

Patch Agan removing his throttle body on Fort Fisher Island beach

Patch Agan (pictured) created his YouTube channel, 'Cruiser Patch' as a way to help his community gain the knowledge, resources, and confidence required to wrench on a quirky IFS Land Cruiser. As an extension of his video materials, Patch's online store helps bring the enthusiast straight to the parts they need for practical, field-relevant solutions.

Headquartered in Tucker, Georgia, Cruiser Patch exists to help off-roaders, overlanders, and all kinds of Cruiser owners maintain and repair their own vehicles. We provide the parts, tools, and solutions for the most common problems on Toyota Land Cruiser and Lexus LX vehicles.


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Photo: Elias Delvasto

100 Series Land Cruiser & LX470

1998-2007 Toyota Land Cruiser and Lexus LX470

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