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Magnetic Differential Plug Kit (10mm Allen)

Magnetic Differential Plug Kit (10mm Allen)

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*One kit required for one vehicle.

Anytime you re-gear your truck or start breaking components (such as gears, axle shafts, etc) simple preventative measures can be taken to improve the lifespan of your driveline components.

Adding magnetic diff fill plugs will recover more shavings than just a drain plug.

Patch recommends using 10mm allen head plugs, especially for the rear drain plug. When off-roaded heavily, the standard OEM hex drain plug becomes impossible to remove without grinding, cutting, or drilling around it.

*One kit required for one vehicle.

80/100 Series Kit includes:

  • OEM magnetic drain plug (2x): 90341-18035
  • OEM magnetic fill plugs (2x): 90341-18021
  • OEM diff plug gaskets (4x): 12157-10010
  • Instructions

200 Series Kit includes:

  • OEM magnetic RR drain plug (1x): 90341-18035
  • OEM magnetic FR drain plug (1x): 90341-24014
  • OEM magnetic fill plugs (2x): 90341-18021
  • OEM diff plug gaskets (3x): 12157-10010
  • OEM diff plug gasket (1x): 90430-24017

Fits 1990-2021 Toyota Land Cruiser, Lexus LX450, LX470, LX570, FJ Cruiser, 4runner, et al

Magnetic fill plug kit video

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Justin Wiesert
So glad I found Patch

Patch provides logical and practical solutions to simple problems. Love my magnet plugs, makes so much sense!

Magnetic Dif Plugs

I needed to change my differential fluid and these were a great upgrade, even come with washers!

Stephen Krieger
Perfect product.

A perfect upgrade for our trucks! Everyone should be doing this upgrade!

Caeden Koop
Great Kit! Absolute need

Patch included get instructions and shipped it out super fast! Every 100 needs Allen drain plugs