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1998-2002 Lexus LX470 Climate Control button repair kit

1998-2002 Lexus LX470 Climate Control button repair kit

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The A/C controls on the 98-02 LX470 are held together with small screws buried into plastic risers. When they break away, the circuit board pushes out from the buttons and the controls cease to work.

By drilling out the holes and adding five (5) allen-head bolts, one can reattach the climate controls and enjoy the luxuries of the LX470 climate system once again.

This is more of a band-aid kit to help re-secure the buttons onto the climate control unit. It is not a perfect solution but it improves the usability of the controls significantly. No more mashing the buttons a dozen times!

Kit includes:

  • 35mm allen head bolts (5x)
  • Stainless serrated flange nuts (5x)
  • 9/64 Drill bit (made in USA)
  • 2.5mm allen key
  • Instructions
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Customer Reviews

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Simple but effective solution!

Super simple fix and straightforward install. Much easier and cost effective than alternative fixes.

Thanks for the product photo and review!