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Cruiser Patch

5VZ-FE Crank Holding Tool

5VZ-FE Crank Holding Tool

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The 5VZ-FE engine requires a significant amount of force to break loose and retorque the crank bolt. After some light iterations, this tool successfully helped me break free the 19mm crank bolt on a 1997 Toyota 4Runner.

The tool also doubles as a cam holder and blunt instrument (use with discretion).

*This is mostly a joke. Buy it if you'd like to make a donation/contribution to the business and I'll ship this abomination to you.

Features include:

  • bent-holding bolts
  • 19mm/17mm centralized socket access
  • metal reinforcements for added strength
  • sharp protruding points (dangerous)
  • 'Patch' wood-burnt brand
  • crack (very cool patina- lots of street cred)


  • DISCLAIMER: the purchase of one (1) 'Cruiser Patch 5VZ-FE Crank Holding Tool' absolves Cruiser Patch L.C. of all liability, responsibilities, and/or damages. Purchaser assumes any and all consequences of use. Purchase at your own risk!
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