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100 Series LCA bushing removal tool kit

100 Series LCA bushing removal tool kit

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*LIMITED OFFER: Free OEM Tool bag with purchase of BPT-1K bushing press tool kit (tool only excluded from offer - valid while supplies last)

The lower control arm bushing No. 2 has always been a pain to burn, cut, or press out. The BPT-1 fits perfectly over the inner sleeve of the bushing to make the job easily doable for DIYers.

The tool comes with one foot of grade 8 threaded rod, two coupling nuts, and four washers. I recommend renting Powerbilt Tools #648617 to use its receiving cup, enabling the press tool to pull out the old bushing.

NOTE: A torch is required to heat up the inner surface of the frame and the bushing sleeve. Some smoke is likely as the rubber burns away. Depending on the amount of rust on your vehicle, more heat and/or force may be required.

The press tool also fits the LH side differential mount bushing for easy in-and-out press work for the 100 Series Land Cruiser and LX470.

Kit Includes:

  • BPT-1 press tool
  • 12" grade 8 black-oxide threaded rod
  • Coupling nuts (2x)
  • Grade 8 washers (4x)
  • Instructions

Not included:

  • LCA bushings no. 1 & no. 2*
  • Torch
  • Powerbilt #648617 ball joint press kit

Designed and manufactured in Tucker, Georgia using A36 carbon steel.

*Sold separately:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Peter Aylestock
Great product

Worked like a charm!

Andy / LostAfrican

This bushing tool made a hard job, MUCH easier. I used it for both of my LCA bushings, and I highly recommend it. The threaded rod is super strong, and the die/press is perfectly sized. It all ended up being much easier than I anticipated to do all 4 bushings. Definitely get the ball joint press kit from Advanced Auto too...that made it much easier - and they don't even charge you if you return it in < 45 days. All around a great experience! Installing new OEM bushings has made a big improvement to the feel of our 22 year old LX.